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What will you do with all the money you save?  

We make it easy to rent textbooks.

CBR’s goal is to provide you with quality college book rentals at affordable prices.
We know your life is busy and your budget is tight, so we’re working hard to make it easier to rent books online for college.

Rent textbooks or buy textbooks, it’s your choice.

CBR understands that each course is different. Can’t decide whether to rent books or buy them?
Try book rental now, and make the decision later.

We Can Do It!

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College Book Renter (CBR), the no-nonsense approach to textbook rental.

Renting textbooks has never been easier!


Fill your shopping bag with your textbook rentals.

Give us your textbook rental list by entering the titles, authors, or enter multiple ISBNs all at once.

Rent textbooks for as long as you need.

Remember, you can always decide to buy even after you rent books.

Return your college textbook rental when you’re done.

Just print your shipping label to get free shipping on your textbook rental return. It’s as easy as that to get cheap textbooks for college.





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